Bakalaki: Experience The Other Side Of Greece Right In The Heart Of Singapore

Bakalaki:  Experience The Other Side Of Greece Right In The Heart Of Singapore

We went on an undercover mission to suss out the most talked about restaurant in Tiong Bahru. In all honesty, we were not disappointed.

The historical Tiong Bahru, known for its iconic wall murals, indie boutiques and an abundant of hip cafés. Even with this richness; there is one restaurant that deservedly stands out from the rest. Located right in the heart of Tiong Bahru, the Bakalaki Greek Taverna is on a different stunning level!

BAKALAKI Greek Taverna
3 Seng Poh Road
Singapore 168891

Ph. +65 6836 3688

View From Outside

First Impression

Indeed, make no mistake; stepping into Bakalaki feels completely different. Almost similar to entering a fancy joint in one of those breezy islands in the Aegean Sea and so nice and spacious. Bakalaki offers elegant seating in a stunning setting almost akin of a Grecian coast.

Located along the main street of Seng Poh Road, this restaurant lends a relaxing vibe on the backdrop of the hip and buzzy Tiong Bahru neighborhood.

Its earthy tones, wooden furnishings, an olive tree (in the middle of the restaurant) and an incredible wine wall that looks like a Greek flag gives this restaurant a conventional Greek home feeling.

As if that’s not enough, Bakalaki offers a deli section where you can purchase all kinds of Greek-imported goods. This restaurant reminded me of an island getaway with lots of milky white and calm blue hues and its cozy beach vibes.

Bakalaki Olive Oil

And in terms of service, Bakalaki offers some of the best I’ve seen in Singapore. To say nothing of our waitress Maricel would be a crime. She was extremely knowledgeable about all the ingredients used in the restaurant. She informed us that the restaurant prides itself on importing traditional Greek ingredients that are incorporated into the meals.

Bakalaki Hummus, Tzatziki and Taramasalata

Try This…

First, on Maricel’s suggestion, we started our meal with mouthwatering dips including the classic Tzatziki. It was one of our favorites. Featuring garlic, cucumbers, and olive oil crumpled into a revitalizing light Greek yogurt.

The second dip was the traditional hummus. Granted, our third dip Taramasalata was up there with the best. This addictive, silky dip made from bread crumbs, white cod roe, and lemon juice and will make you go for more pita bread!

Afterward, we followed with other incredible appetizers such as the Kalamari Tiganito. A dish of crispy squid enriched with a drop of lemon juice.

Crispy Squid

And our third dip, Taramasalata was also up there with the best. This addictive, silky dip made from bread crumbs, white cod roe, and lemon juice and will make you go for more pita bread!

The Grecian Halloumi cheese, in fact, thrills me in a very unique way. Dressed with oregano, lemon juice, and a pesto side, perfectly grilled and flippantly salted to give it a flavor akin to the Italian mozzarella.

Main Dishes

It was a real treat when the Htapodi was brought to our table. This is a meaty seared octopus served with a sauce of olive oil and lemon juice. Munching away on the char-grilled tips of the tentacles almost made me forgot about Horiatiki!

Bakalaki Octopus
Image Credit @ bakalakigreektaverna

Bakalaki goes back to the East Mediterranean authentic basics by serving a traditional Greek salad called Horiatiki. With an assortment of crunchy cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and olives. Tossed with a dash of lemon juice, light salt, and olive oil to make it truly revitalizing.

Bakalaki Horiatiki

There were many meat and kebab options. So we went with the Kalamaki a kebab mixed with minced beef and mutton.

Additionally, Bakalaki doesn’t forget the vegans and I had to sample one for the sake of my vegan friends. Above all, there’s the Gemista which is an assortment of green pepper, tomatoes, rice, and mint. Served on the side with roasted potatoes and optional feta cheese.

Washing It Down…

They have a lot of Greek wine options, but we decided to wash down our sumptuous meal with Giaourti. Greek yogurt generously topped with crushed walnuts, and thyme honey sourced from Greece. The walnuts added texture to the smooth yogurt and the honey gave it a balanced sweetness.

View Bakalaki Menu Here


Bakalaki has definitely set the bar extra high when it comes to Grecian cuisines. From the moment you step inside Bakalaki, you’ll instantly realize that it rightly merits being among the top 15 restaurants on TripAdvisor for Singapore.

With excellent culinary offerings and warm Greek hospitality. It makes it a great place to hang out, enjoy sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine and immerse into true Greek experience.