Black Tap Review – NYC’s Insta-famous CrazyShakes Restaurant is Turning Up Heat in Singapore

Black Tap Review – NYC’s Insta-famous CrazyShakes Restaurant is Turning Up Heat in Singapore

Do you remember the Insta-famous, gravity-defying CrazyShakes that took the internet by storm back in 2015? I bet you do but if you don’t; allow me to jog your memory by taking you down the memory lane.

Back in 2015, what began as a humble 15-seater burger joint in New York’s SoHo neighborhood became a viral Instagram sensation for it’s eye-catching and sumptuous candy-topped carnival creations.

Known as Black Tap and led by Michelin Star Chef Joe Isidori (who is, by the way, a former personal chef to President Donald Trump); this New York burger joint broke the internet with its creatively handcrafted milkshakes and crave-worthy burgers.

New Yorkers and the world in general were captivated! Everybody wanted to be part of this new and worth-trying food craze and wanted a taste of the Black Tap’s CrazyShakes. They became arguably the world’s most famous milkshakes. What followed were thousands of Instagram likes and shares, infamously long queues at the joint’s New York branches, a cookbook and TV appearances. Black Tap’s CrazyShakes became so popular; that the restaurant can sell an approximated 3,000 milkshakes a week at $15 a pop!

Texan Burger
Texan Burger

Yet, this didn’t satisfy the world’s thirst for the CrazyShakes and behemoth burgers. To satisfy its millions of fans around the world; Black Tap expanded around the world including Las Vegas, Dubai and now the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore!

Black Tap Singapore
Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Ave, L1 80
Ph. +65 6688 9957

Black Tap Menu


Beverage Menu

As an ardent fan of Black Tap’s decadent IG postings I became so ecstatic when the restaurant announced that it would open a branch in Marina Bay Sands (MBS)! The idea of Black Tap opening its first branch in Singapore gave me a total blood rush.

As a foodie I was so happy that Black Tap had chosen Singapore for its first outlet in East Asia! It personally meant so much to me as I had the opportunity to sample the gorgeous and famous treats that I had only seen on Instagram!

The award-winning American burger restaurant opened its door in September 2018 at MBS. I joined the bandwagon of fellow foodies to sample the over-the-top milkshakes and burgers with obscenely thick and amazingly opulent beef patties.

All American Burger
All- American Burger

At first, I was put off by the crazy and super-long queues outside the restaurant. I could relate to this craze. I mean, many people just like me, could only relate to these towering milkshakes and stacked gourmet burgers on Instagram. So, we all had to grab this opportunity when it finally arrived at our backyard.

You might be wondering why I didn’t write this review some months back. Well, I felt that the only way to do Black Tap total justice was to sample almost everything on the menu. As you can imagine, that can take quite some time.

Sweet N Salty Crazyshke
Sweet N Salty Crazyshake

To pay homage to the greasy burger joints and the great American luncheonette experience of the 50s’ up to the mid-90s’, Black Tap offers a laidback vibe with its wonderful old-school tunes. This 140-seater Marina Bay Sands restaurant has elements of heavy metal and plywood; with seating extending almost into the mall atrium under a freestanding pavilion.

The Restaurant

The Burgers

Getting down to the burgers will probably give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With all due respect; there are many burger joints in Singapore that offer some of the best burgers in the world. However, Black Tap’s burgers stand on a league of their own! The restaurant uses a special blend of chuck and lean brisket cooked to medium rare to make their cheeseburger patties. This gives the burger a somewhat crunchy crust while the patty remains yummy and juicy!

I’ve tried the restaurant’s pizza burger on numerous occasions and I can honestly confess that it gave me the best of both worlds. The shaved mozzarella and tangy tomato sauce gives the burger a taste of an Italian pizza. To this point, you’ll be worried about the burger messing you but don’t worry, just take a sizable bite and let the juices flow because it’s fully deserved.

Pizza Burger
Pizza Burger

Black Tap doesn’t offer just its American-style burgers. It also takes into consideration local palates by adding some sumptuous Asian flavors. The Cantonese BBQ Burger has Cantonese mayo, black bean and garlic, served with Sambal BBQ sauce on the side.

The Crazyshakes

And here comes the much-awaited and extremely famous CrazyShakes….

It would be an ultimate offense for any foodie to step foot at the Black Tap and fail to try the famous and incredibly gorgeous CrazyShakes. I’ll admit that they didn’t call it crazy as a simple marketing ploy or for no good reason. Each type of the CrazyShakes milkshake is positively overwhelming and out of this world to say the least.

With eight CrazyShakes concoctions on offer, each milkshake is crazy in its own way. Personally, I’ve to admit that the cotton candy shake is something to behold! Filled to the top with super bright pink ice cream, this shake is sensationally wrapped with a very thick layer of vanilla frosted rim and is topped with pink, blue and chocolate pearls. It’s then crowned with a pink lollipop, rock candy and whipped cream and cotton candy! If these two shakes aren’t working for you, you can choose to try the fruity pebbles shakes, the oreo shakes, the peanut butter shakes or any other on offer.

Cotton Candy Crazyshake
Cotton Candy Crazyshake

These CrazyShakes are sweet, rich, really satisfying and ultimately perfect for the sweet tooth. But if they aren’t for you, then you can choose any of the 18 craft beers on offer.


As you can imagine, I could write a complete book about the Black Tap and never regret it. This restaurant is downright amazing and marvelous. You’ll only do this restaurant justice by visiting it and immersing yourself into the positively crazy menu. Whatever your next decision, one thing is certainly sure: each burger and CrazyShake at the Black Tap legitimately lives up to its crazy name.

Black Tap Singapore