Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan – A Fine, Super Intimate and Private Dining Experience

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan – A Fine, Super Intimate and Private Dining Experience

Call me a pessimist, but in a beautiful country where eating out at some of the best restaurants in town has become so trendy, it’s almost impossible to find a particular restaurant that stands shoulders above its peers. However, Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan does it with so much ease, swag, and artistry. It makes you doubt your general perception of the Singaporean food scene in the first place.

Chefs Table by Chef Stephan
61 Tras Street
Singapore 079000

Ph. +65 6224 4188

Located along the trendy Tras Street just a few minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station; Chef’s Table has a unique way of doing things that distinguishes it from many dining establishments in Singapore. From the moment you step on the entrance, you’ll instantly feel the buzz and the urge to try their very innovative menu.

As you step inside, the restaurant’s general manager and sommelier will greet like a long-lost friend!

Perhaps you won’t get the feeling of an extremely fine dining restaurant; if you’re used to dozens of wine glasses, cutlery, and starched white linens.

Well, that’s because Chef’s Table does things in a uniquely different way.

Chefs Table Tras Street

Led by Chef Stephan Zoisl who has many years of immense experience working for various Michelin Star restaurants, it’s easy to see why this restaurant has daringly derived its name after Netflix’s Chef’s Table; a very inventive TV documentary that has revolutionized food documentaries.

4 of the Courses Served

Like Netflix’s TV Food documentary, Chef Stephan affords diners a front-row seat in his intricate kitchen to watch him and his colleagues prepare delicious meals. This open-kitchen concept not only gives diners some
kind of homey, tranquil and off-the-cuff feeling but they (diners) will be able to intriguingly witness and experience Chef Stephan’s unique modern cooking techniques firsthand.

The Menu

When you are ready to begin your meal, Chef Stephan lets you choose the four, six or eight-course menu. Surprisingly, this restaurant doesn’t offer fixed dishes! Instead, you simply get to cross out what you don’t want to eat in a list of 28 freshly fresh ingredients that are imported from around the world on a daily basis. It’s from these ingredients that Chef Stephan and his colleagues will improvise and prepare enchanting and ever-changing degustation menus that put much emphasis on Omakase-style, but with a touch of European gourmet cuisine.



In order to create an ultimate Chef’s Table experience; you’ll be served by none other than Chef Stephan or by Head Chef Lorenz Raich.

At the end of this unique experience, you’ll undoubtedly agree that Chef’s Table offers exceptionally tasty food; fine wine and an intimate dining experience in a casual ambience by a truly great Chef who is well aware of what you want.

This nouveau dining concept is one-of-a-kind. I’m tempted to suggest must-tries; but every single dish is unique and amazingly tasty and every single bite will put a smile on your face.