Places To Eat At The New Jewel Changi Airport

Places To Eat At The New Jewel Changi Airport

Having been named as the Best Airport in the World for 7 consecutive years. It is no secret that the Jewel Changi Airport is the Little Red Dot’s pride and joy. But, this airport has got more to offer than you can imagine, with food being at the top of the list.

The Jewel is home to over 100 eateries, cafes and restaurant options available to visitors to choose from. Whether you have booked a late-night flight or have just been left bleary-eyed after the baggage check and screening area.

Here are some of the top dining places that will ensure satisfaction no matter how hungry you are or how long a flight you have ahead of you.


Have you been craving some American fast food?

You are in luck! The Shake Shack offers the true American fast-food experience, including the long queues. The only exception is that they use 100% all-natural Angus beef and crinkle cut fries of the freshest quality.

Here, travelers’ and locals alike get to indulge in their top-selling items including Smoke Shack, Shack Stack, and ShackBurger. Since this restaurant is new to Singaporeans, you can also look out for items exclusive to the country. For instance, the Singapore Special Pandan Shake and Jewel Malaka and It Takes Two To Mango.

Burger and Lobster Jewel Changi Airport


Nestled at Canopy Park, Burger and Lobster a famous UK food chain is the place to be for those who are weak for seafood or those who are just lovers of the good old burgers. Here, you will get to choose between burger sets that come with tasty fries or lobster rolls and butter toasted buns filled with a generous portion of soft lobster meat.

You can also opt for the wild fresh Atlantic lobster meal here. This 81-seater restaurant will ship its crustaceans live from Canada and foodies can expect new dishes on the menu made from locally-grown ingredients.

Scheduled to open late May.

A & W, back in Singapore after 16 years

Never had a rootbeer float in a frosty mug? With over 16 years since the last A&W left our shores, this brewery has recently had its first comeback since at the Jewel Changi Airport.

If you are keen to fight the queues; their signature A&W Draft Root Beer floats and Coney Dogs are well worth the hype. The Indonesia Golden Aroma Chicken and Japanese Cream Cheese burgers, are just as tasty.

They also offer a Muslim-friendly menu with no pork and no lard, which is soon to be Halal certified.

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Emack & Bolio’s is a rock and roll inspired ice cream chain. They offer customers tons of sinful ice cream flavors to choose from including melted marshmallow and fruit loops.

Each cone is stacked high and outrageously garnished with all sorts of goodies. From traditional sprinkles to frosted rice Krispies with 3 scoop fulls costing as much as $30!

If you are not much of an ice cream lover, they also have great treats like froyo, smoothies and ice cream pizza. These are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tiger Street Lab Jewel Changi Airport
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Local Brewery, Tiger Beer has launched its first ever global experiential concept.

This store features seasonal brews in collaborations with local hawkers, selective merch design by local artists and customizable bottle labels.

One of the oldest zi char eateries to link-up with this brand is Keng Eng Kee Seafood which has brought on-board dishes like chicken slices with Tiger Beer’s Radler lemon sauce.

Tiger Street Lab kicked off the opening at the Jewel with Singapore’s signature Tiger-Orchid-Infused Black Lager which boasts floral citrus notes.

Above all, they also provide hearty street foods like Marmite Chicken, Chicken chop dashed with Tiger Radler Lemon. Also, cereal pans which you should then wash down with a glass of Tiger beer or three.

Violet Oon Jewel Changi Airport


This is Jewel’s largest restaurant to date. The award-winning chef Violet Oon runs this eatery and she is committed to showing off the nation’s culinary wealth and heritage from Chinese, India, Malay and Nyonya cuisines.

Here, local and jet-setters can savor and delight in boldly flavored dishes that have sealed Singapore’s reputation as a gourmand’s paradise. Some of these dishes include popular local delicacies like beef rendang, satays, roti, and dry laksa.

Pink Fish at Jewel Changi


Fast-Casual seafood concept with Norwegian salmon as the star.

Pink Fish is the world’s first fast-casual seafood eatery. Its unique concept is yet to be introduced outside of its home country Norway. But as Singaporeans move towards eating clean and eating green, this restaurant’s focus on producing food transparency and sustainability fits the bill for the food scene in the region.

This restaurant features options like wraps, burgers, poke bowls and salads, built around the star, high-quality Norwegian Salmon. This fast-casual concept with Norwegian Salmon as the star on its menu also features signatures such as American Raw, Asian Burger with chopped salmon fillet, mango salsa and Vietnamese spicy soya sauce and the Asian wrap with tandoori grilled salmon, mint and yogurt.


Kam’s Roast is a renowned Michelin Star restaurant. This 75-seat eatery will serve you with Kam’s greatest culinary hits, including its signature Roast Duck, Cured Sausages and Iberico Char Siew.

A relatively new roast to try is the Pipa Duck. This duck is typically split and flattened to look like Pipa Duck, the Chinese musical instrument.

This eatery will also offer handy roast duck travel gift packs that are securely cling-wrapped and boxed cured sausages that you can choose from goose, liver, lean pork or a mix of both.


If the hustle of preparing for a holiday or business trip away from your home or Singaporean trip makes you forget to grab a bite, worry not as the Jewel Changi Airport has got the goods when it comes to pre-take off eats.

The eateries, snack shops, and restaurants mentioned above work to ensure you start your holiday off on the right foot. Try any of these spots whenever you visit Changi, and you won’t be disappointed.