Lime House – A Taste Of The Caribbean In Singapore

Lime House – A Taste Of The Caribbean In Singapore

A true foodie loves to try new dishes and cuisines and Singapore definitely has no shortage of selection. Why not try and set your tastebuds ablaze with the vibrant cuisine of Lime House Caribbean.

After watching the first games of the Rugby World Cup we were ravenous, so decided to check out the newly renovated Lime House Caribbean.

Just re-opening Friday with a limited menu; we were lucky to get a seat in the courtyard to try their delicious cocktails and traditional dishes

The new renovations provide a light, airy and tropical feel. The beautiful wooden bar top which still had the scent of freshly sanded wood is a great addition.

Official launch with the full menu is October 5th.

Lime House Caribbean
2 Jiak Chuan Rd
Singapore 089260

The Cocktails

Lime House Cocktails
Photo Courtesy of Lime House Instagram

Picture lying on a beach in the Caribbean drinking a cocktail and one word comes to mind…RUM! Lime House Caribbean, of course, has a great selection of rum cocktails which goes perfect with their food.

From Daiquiris to Punches and the classic Rum Old Fashioned; there is a tantalizing cocktail for everyone.

In fact, my next visit will be for a girls night to try some more of their cocktails and munch on their amazing Caribbean Tapas.

Starters – Caribbean Tapas

Caribbean Nachos
Caribbean Nachos

With two meat-eaters and one vegan, the menu covered all our dietary requirements.

We opted for a selection of the Caribbean Tapas for starters including the Caribbean Nachos, the Spicy Shrimp, and Avocado Toast.

The Caribbean Nachos are unique as they use thinly sliced crispy plantain chips, topped with tomato salsa and a side of avocado.

I could eat twenty of these Spicy Shrimp! Served on a crispy plantain chip and topped with a delicious warm salsa with mango!

Lime House Mains

Where do you start with such a delicious looking menu of hearty home-made Caribbean goodness?

My husband opted for Signature Jerk Chicken which is full of spices of the Caribbean and oh so flavorful!

Our vegan daughter ordered the Ital Stew which is a comforting vegetable coconut curry served with rice and beans.

Ital Stew

Indecisive between the Blackbelly lamb or the Tribajam Curry Goat I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try meat I had never had….Goat!

What a brilliant decision. This dish uses “Grandma’s Secret Recipe” which is slow-cooked with Caribbean flavors and served with rice and beans.

Goat to me tastes like a cross between lamb and beef however, not as strong tasting. Highly recommend if you love hearty meat stews.


Why I’d never heard of Lime House Caribbean prior to my visit, I’ll never know. It certainly managed to impress me with its dishes.

Lime House Caribbean is a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy homemade Caribbean food or have a great night out or event and sample the cocktails and Caribbean Tapas.

Lime House Caribbean Menu