The Botanic Restaurant in Raffles City – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fish, and Meats!

The Botanic Restaurant in Raffles City – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fish, and Meats!

Here’s a simple question to start us off; how many vegan joints do you know that somehow accommodates meat lovers?

To be honest, such places are very rare if even available.

Now, imagine having a friend or a family member who’s a vegan or vice versa and you want to go out and have some delicious meal together. In most cases, it becomes quite a dilemma since many restaurants do not cater to both. However, not anymore, thanks to a newly established restaurant: The Botanic.

The Botanic
252 North Bridge Road,
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Ph. +65 6837 0995

Located in Raffles City Shopping Center along North Bridge Road, The Botanic is undoubtedly one of the best “unrestricted diet” restaurants in Singapore. It looks like a stylish French garden bistro with nicely fitted alfresco seating. Its scattered potted plants that hang in the ceiling perhaps gives you a clue of what’s about to come on your table.

The Botanic

This restaurant may be located in one of the busiest malls in Singapore, but it’s a planet away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city center.

This place is carefully designed with a colonial-style interior with modern elements. It offers a casual and very relaxing atmosphere for diners looking to indulge in a unique and memorable gastronomic experience while escaping the city life rush. So when I walked in with my very good friend Ana (who’s, by the way, a vegetarian); I couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for us!

The Menu

I wasn’t surprised as to why The Botanic is becoming very popular.

It had only opened its doors in November 2018, but here it was buzzing with excited diners looking to experience a wide-ranging menu offering vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and omnivore diets.

Basically, The Botanic switches things up a little bit. Its menu focuses on ensuring that its produce is ethical yet very sustainable. While the main aim is to offer diners fresh and eco-friendly nutrient-filled superfoods, whole grains, and gluten-free options. The menu also offers a myriad of free-range, organic meat and seafood offerings.

When I sat down with Ana, I could instantly notice the chef’s travels and experience across the region. The menu showcased a global influence of Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Mediterranean and Nyonya cuisines.

Kids Menu
Lunch Menu
Bar Menu

The Delicious Food

We started off our gastronomic experience with the vegan kale salad, seed, and grains. At $16; it was full of delicious superfoods such as lentils, shallots, nuts, quinoa, pomegranates, capers, and kale. All mixed with invigorating herby sauces such as golden raisins to make it a very refreshing and tasty vegan dish.

I have to confess that I devoured the Guacamole more than Ana! At $14, this dish somewhat had an exciting mixture of charred corns, Pico de Galo, pickled jalapeno and tostada.

This was a dish that even the most ardent meat lovers would go for. It was indeed super delicious!


From Guacamole, we sampled Charred Eggplant ($18) with Tahini, chickpeas, chermoula and soft herbs.

Charred Eggplant
Charred Eggplant

As if our gastronomic adventure wasn’t over; we sampled the gorgeous Free range Scotch Egg. It brought to the fore a mixture of Falafel, yogurt, tabouli, lemon, and cucumber.

Free Range Scotch Egg
Free Range Scotch Egg

I’m a huge Gnocchi fan. Of course, I had to sample the hit Gnocchi main dish. At $25, it brought forth lots of fresh Parmesan and ricotta cheese, asparagus, peas, preserved lemon and fennel pollen.


For my love of meat and seafood, I had to represent my fellow meat and seafood lovers by sampling the Bluefin Tuna ceviche at a cost of $18. It had avocado, citrus pepper ponzu, and seaweed oil, which not only warmed my belly but also had a lovely edge to it.

Bluefin Tuna Ceviche

To top up this amazingly hearty meal we sampled the unique Vegan Chendol Pavlova dessert at $12. Inspired by Indonesian cuisine; this dessert is a mixture of mango, coconut, jackfruit, salted palm sugar, and an eggless meringue!

And how could I forget the super delicious Rose’ 2017 Meyer-Nakel Spatburgunder wine.

Chendol Pavlova
Chendol Pavlova


As you can imagine, we were so full that we couldn’t carry on any longer.

I didn’t get down properly for the fish and meat dishes, but I promise I’ll have to do it once more.

I still can’t forget these sweet memories from my dining escapade at The Botanic. This is a truly unique restaurant in Singapore for all types of diets. It offers healthy foods in the heart of Singapore and is definitely worth trying!

The Botanic