The Sandwich Saigon Cafe – A Truly Blue and Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant In The Heart Of Singapore

The Sandwich Saigon Cafe – A Truly Blue and Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant In The Heart Of Singapore

It’s become a known fact that good food, great chefs and restaurants should always strive to trigger diners’ deep memories through captivatingly delicious dishes. This is exactly what Sandwich Saigon Café; Vietnamese Restaurant is doing!

Located along 93 East Coast Road, Sandwich Saigon Café lies deep within the heritage gems of Katong shophouses.

These shophouses remind both visitors and residents of Singaporean timeless architectural appeal. Showcasing a brilliant and eclectic mixture of Chinese, Malay and European elements. In fact, walking into one of the Vietnamese Katong restaurants such as the Sandwich Saigon Café will take you down the Vietnamese memory lane (that’s if you’ve been to Vietnam); or will show you the exact Vietnamese food scene as you’d experience it in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Shophouse Cafe



I’ve previously tried various Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. I’d honestly say though that the Sandwich Saigon Café is hands down my go-to spot for Bánh Mì.

This is a typical Vietnamese baguette sandwich that will set you back around $8. There are options from the pork chop, fish sardine, and pork belly, pork ham to the garlic chicken and roasted beef. I have to confess that I’m notoriously addicted to the garlic chicken and roasted beef Bánh Mì sandwich.

Banh Mi Sandwich

There’s something about the Sandwich Saigon Café’s Bánh Mì sandwich that I can’t quite comprehend. It’s filled with delicious meat, moreish, cucumber, julienned pickled carrot, sprigs of coriander toppled with mayonnaise.

However, I often feel like it’s a petite baguette and very light so I always have to munch at least two of them to feel satisfied. I don’t blame it on the restaurant, but on my foodie nature and perhaps my addiction to Vietnamese food.


Sandwich Saigon Café make it their mission to freshly bake and cook these crispy Bánh Mì sandwiches themselves daily. An employee told me that the owners’ family runs a baguette factory back in Vietnam, and so I’m always damn sure, I’m munching a super delicious Bánh Mì sandwich from real pros!


To sink your teeth deep into the Vietnamese cuisine offered at the Sandwich Saigon Cafe, you can also try the Bun (rice noodles served with garlic chicken and a spring roll) at an affordable cost of $11. This heaven of a bite will carry your taste buds back to the streets of Saigon through room-temperature rice noodles, cucumber, pickled carrot, peanuts, and lettuce, served with a hot spring roll and moderately warm grilled pork.

BUN – Dried Rice Noodle

And how can I forget the famous pho? The Sandwich Saigon Café offers a plethora of pho (famous Viet noodle soup). Personally, I’ve tried the Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Special) and I must confess that this whole-hearted bowl of crunchy fresh vegetables such as white onions, bean sprouts, mint leaves, and spring onions, vermicelli noodles and chewy rice mixed together with tender chicken and many more is not for the faint-hearted.

Pho Ga
Pho Ga – Chicken Viet Noodle Soup

In fact, you’ll be better placed if you’re a vegetarian. The Sandwich Saigon Café offers a number of vegetarian pho and vegetarian-friendly options such as the veggie sandwich ($7) and the mushroom and tofu sandwich ($7), all meant to ensure that you enjoy healthy Vietnamese food.

Not to sound negative, I must say that the Sandwich Saigon Café may seem quite small given that it’s always full and hard to find a seat. Fortunately, you need not to worry; the restaurant can deliver any of its yummy delicacies to the surrounding area via GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Fresh Spring Rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls


Whether you’ve been to Vietnam or simply tried the country’s flavorful cuisines such as the slurp-worthy broth in pho, the crunchy flavors of Chã Giò (minced pork sausage rolls) and the succulently juicy and crispy Bánh Mì sandwich, one thing is very certain: Vietnamese food is exceedingly addictive!

That’s why you’ll find lots of pho franchises and Vietnamese restaurants all over Singapore, and of them is the Sandwich Saigon Café. Its freshly baked warm Bánh Mì baguette sandwich has become so popular thanks to its crunchy and crackly taste. I beg you to add the pate to this gratifyingly juicy sandwich. You’ll never mind what a beautiful mess it would cause in your mouth and taste buds.

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